Race Human
Gender Male
Character Type Companion
VA (English) Mark Neely
VA (Japanese) Atsushi Miyauchi

Ash in Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is a companion character of the game. In Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin, players take control of Jack and are accompanied by two companions known as Ash and Jed. Ash supports Jack in combat where he can inflict damage and provide support.


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Ash Information

  • Base HP: TBC
  • Base Job: TBC
  • Race: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Character Type: Companion


About Ash

Ash is an ally of Jack and accompanies him in exploration and combat. In the Demo (Trial), Ash is featured as a companion character. In combat, he uses his fists in combat, which is similar to the likeness of the Monk job in the original Final Fantasy game. Ash has high defense and is capable of breaking an enemy's defense, as well as pressuring them with his fast and powerful attacks.

Official Description

Supports the party with his cool and collected personality. Recognizes Jack’s strength in battle and trusts him implicitly.


Ash Gameplay

  • Information to be added soon.


Ash Combat

  • Information to be added soon.


Ash Notes & Tips

  • ???
  • Other Notes, Tips, & Trivia



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