Basic Jobs in Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin are the various base classes of the character. In Stranger of Paradise, jobs are featured as the different Classes of the game that the main protagonist Jack can choose to actively his battle sets that consists of Stats, WeaponsArmor, and Abilities at any given time. Jobs can be unlocked through leveling up the current job tree or upon acquiring Weapons that are tied to a certain job. Each job also consists of its own Job Trees that includes a number of Abilities that can be unlocked by spending a certain amount of Job Points and further upgrading a basic job will allow you to gain access to it's resonating Advanced Job. This page covers all of the featured Basic Jobs in Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin.

Stranger of Paradise: Gameplay Expressions


Jobs in Stranger of Paradise

Players are rewarded Job Points for defeating enemies, and these Job Points are used to unlock abilities and advanced jobs of the Job Tree. You only gain Job Points for the certain job if you use the job in battle and defeat enemies with it. Find the job you want in the upper left of the Battle Settings screen, then press X to select that job. Changing your job will also change your stats, actions, and usable equipment. Advanced Jobs on the other hand can use mroe specialized job abilties and a wider array of weaponry.


Stranger of Paradise Basic Jobs


The Swordsman job can perform a spinning slash that swings the wielder's sword around and dealing damage to surrounding enemies. Swordsmen wield Greatswords.



The mage job can cast Black Magic I spells, and holding down the cast button, allows the caster to focus on unleashing stronger tiers of the spell (Fire - Fira - Firaga) without expending any extra MP.



The Lancer wields Lances that allow piercing, long-reach attacks. Lancers can execute a lance hurl to skewer foes from a distance.



 Swordfighters excel in both offense and defense. Balanced fighters, they possess a range of weapon skills and combo abilities that let them excel in any situation. They can also equip a shield to bolster their defenses.



Puglists can use explosive fists will that advances toward their opponent while dealing a heavy hit. The Pulgist job can also unleash continuous attacks with the number of blows dealt gradually increasing over time.



Duelists can use weak spot that inflict a critical slashing blow regardless of their foe's position.

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