Location Chaos Shrine
Reward/s Kite Shield
Hermit Club
Caster Gloves
Shadow Boots
Twilight Boots

Chaos is a Boss in Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin . Chaos who is known to be Garland is the featured boss in the Demo version of the game. Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and must be defeated in order to unlock new areas, to progress the game, and to obtain various rewards. You can find relevant information and guides on how to defeat Chaos.


Chaos Location

  • Chaos Shrine



Chaos Rewards

  • EXP
  • Kite Shield
  • Greatsword
  • Hermit Club
  • Caster Gloves
  • Shadow Boots
  • Twilight Boots



Chaos Strategies

Strategy Writeup

Upon starting, Chaos will have five attacks up his sleeve. One where he charges and lunges forward, a magical attack where he leaps back and conjures pillars of ice, an AoE attack where he conjures a blast around him, a projectile attack where he shoots fire, and a passive attack where he buffs his attacks. Always have your guard up or be ready to dodge so that you can counter with physical attacks. From time to time, he will also shift his attention towards Jed or Ash, so when he does, be ready to cast Black Magic and max it's potency so you can conjure a powerful spell. Whenever he uses Inferno, be ready to move away from him and then follow up with a Black Magic attack since there's a window of oppotunity here to attack him while he recovers. When Chaos' HP reaches at 50%, he'll gain additional attacks.


At 50% HP, Chaos will now be able to shoot two projectiles from his Blaze attack and apart from that, he can conjure an Icesword. Watch out for the Icesword since all of his basic attacks conjures pillars of ice which can be troublesome for you if you get caught, the best way to counter this is to run away from him and wait for the effect to wear off. You can also conjure Black Magic attacks so that you can inflict some damage while you're maintaining a safe distance.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Lunge Attack Be ready to block once Chaos charges and lunges forward. You can also dodge to the side and counter-attack.
Ice Attack Dodge backwards to avoid getting hit by the conjured ice.
Inferno Move away from Chaos to avoid the AoE blast. You can counter-attack with black magic while he channels the attack.
Blaze Block the projectile attack.
Firebringer Be ready to have your guard up to avoid getting hit by the empowered attacks.
Phase 2 - 50% HP
Blaze Block the x2 projectile attacks
Chaosbringer Maintain a distance to avoid the blast from the AoE.
Icesword When Chaos conjures an icesword, it is best to keep your distance and wait for the effect to wear off. You can use Black Magic to attack him from afar.



Chaos Lore

Chaos appears as the featured boss in the Demo (Trial) of the game. As the warrior's of light find Chaos in the throne room, he preapres for battle, with a goal to take out the warriors who challenge him. Princess Sarah describes chaos to be wearing such splendid armor that has a terrifying helmet to behold. Jed recognizes that he is Garland, but quickly he denies the fact that he does not go by that name and is to become Chaos. In the history of Final Fantasy, Garland is the main antagonist of the first Final Fantasy game, he is a former knight of Cornelia who has fallen from grace and has kidnapped Princess Sarah. Garland or Chaos is an arrogant and proud knight, insulting the Warriors of Light for daring to challenge him and triumphantly declaring his name and that he will defeat them.


Chaos Notes & Trivia

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