Combat for Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin focuses on the basic and advanced combat mechanics of the game. Players can access the combat tips in the game by opening the Menu > Settings > Tips, there is a variety of tips that players can find such as for Exploration, Customization, Jobs, and most importantly, for Combat. This page covers information regarding the combat mechanics for Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin.


Stranger of Paradise Combat

Break Gauge

Your break gauge is reduced when you are attacked and recovers gradually over time. Recovery speed slows while attacking or evading and stops guarding. Attacks from behind are considered critical htis and greatly deplete the break gauge.

Wall Splat

Use Abilities with knockback to bounce Enemies against walls and cause increased break damage.


Defend against an enemy attack right before the hit lands to parr, reducing the amount of break damage you receive and shortening the time it takes until you can perform your next action.

Guarding Magic Attacks

Magic attacks like fire will still deal some damage even if you guard. Try sidestepping, rolling out of the way, or using Soul Shield to avoid losing HP.


When knocked down by an enemy's attack, press X to break your fall, and use the Left Stick to determine the direction in which to recover. A properly timed X will render you invulnerable while recovering.


When you have 1 or more full MP gauges, press L2 + Circle to consumbe 1 MP gauge and activate Lightbringer. While Lightbringer is active, you deal increased break damage to enemies and their max break gaugae is reduced when you hit them. When they are reduced to 0 HP, you will be granted effects equal to a soul burst.

Activating Lightbringer changes the break gauge into a special gauge that depletes over time or when hit. Lightbringer ends when the gauge is fully depleted. Jack cannot be broken while Lighbringer is active, making it particularly useful when the break gauge is nearly empty.

Break Status

Jack will be broken when his break gauge is depleted, causing him to temporarily be defenseless. This will also decrease his max MP, and remove any instant abilities he has obtained. MAx MP will not fall below the initial MP value.

Soul Burst

Break enemies by depleting the yellow gauge above their heads. Approach broken enemies and press Circle to finish them off with a soul burst. Slaying enemies with a soul burst will help you recover your MP and raise your max MP. Effective use of soul bursts will ensure your action abilities are ready when you need them.

Press R2 to expend MP and use an action ability to deal heavy HP and break damage to your foe. There are two typse of action abilities, R2 activates your job's unique action, and pressing R2 during a normal attack triggers a combo ability.

Soul Shield

Hold Circle to deplete your break gauge and adopt the shoul shield stance. This stance be be extended by keeping the Circle button held down. Blocking an attack in this stance will trigger soul shield, staggering surrounding enemies and dealing break damage, it will also restore MP and increase your max MP. Press R1 after a successful block to take a big step forward and unleash a normal attack.

Instant Abilities

If soul shield is triggered by an enemy ability with a purple colored name that appears above the enemy's name, that ability will become usable as an instant ability. Activate instant abilites by pressing the Square button. Instant abilities do not consume MP, but their number of uses is limited.

Switching Battle Sets

Upon unlocking a second battle set, you can instantly change from one to the other by pressing Triangle. Each set has its own break gauge, switch carefully between the two to give yourself an edge in battle. You can change your battle sets by opening the Battle Settings menu and pressing Triangle.

Changing Battle Sets

To chain cancel sets, press triangle immediately after using an action ability to activate a chain cancel and switch battle sets faster than usual. Pushing the Left Analog Stick will allow you to move in the direction you choose at the same time. Use this to unleash a follow-up attack on the enemy, move out of their range, and more.

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