Command Abilities in Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin are the many techniques that can be executed in combat. These are found in the different Job Trees of a certain Job and it can be unlocked by spending a required amount of Job Points. Most of these abilities can only be equipped in the four available slots of the command abilities, and these can be used across different jobs you swap into and is always available to be used upon meeting certain conditions. You can find all of your learned Command Abilities in the Main Menu > Battle Settings. This page covers a list of all the Command Abilities in Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin.

Stranger of Paradise: Gameplay Expressions


How do I unlock Abilities?

You need to defeat enemies and upon leveling up, you will be rewarded with Job Points. Job Points can be used on a Job Tree to obtain skills and abilities, which fall into the following categories:

  • Combo: Powerful techniques that are triggered during regular attacks.
  • Command: Versatile techniques that be used by any job.
  • Passive: Supplementary effects that are always active after you obtain them.


Stranger of Paradise Command Abilities


Lightbringer deals increased break damage to enemies and thier max break gauge is reduced when you hit them. Lightringer changes the break gauge into a special gauge that depletes over time or when hit.



Temporarily decreases the likelihood of being staggered and the amount of time required to charge certain attacks.



Release a non-elemental magic attack in front of you that sends enemies flying.



Evade with a swift backstep. Fills break gauge on activation.


Mighty Strikes

Boosts own attack type and hinders enemy's resistance for a certain amount of time.


Seal of Blood

Increases the damage and break damage dealt by the next ability. Enemies broken or brought to 0 HP by this attack will be finished with a soul burst.

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