Specialization Mid-Range
Prerequisite Class Lancer

Dragoon is one of the Advanced Jobs (Classes) in Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin. Classes provide an archetype for the player which provides abilities and stats that are related to the job. Each job specializes in a combat style, uses different starting equipment, and gain access to special job abilities that make them more effective in combat.



Dragoon Information

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Dragoon All Abilities

Name Type Description
Dragoons Passive Dragoons can jump with the designated button. This allows you to leap high into the air and avoid enemy attacks. After a certain amount of time, you will descend and deal damage.
Agility +2 Passive Increases Agility by 2. Effective for both battle sets.
Lancet Command Recover HP and MP whenever exploiting an enemy's weakness for a certain amount of time.
Strength +2 Passive Increases Strength by 2. Effective for both battle sets.
Agility +4 Passive Increases Agility by 4. Effective for both battle sets.
Critical Break Damage +50% Passive Increases break damage dealt when landing a critical hit by 50%.
Critical Damage +10% Passive Increases damage dealt when landing a critical hit by 10%.
Lightbringer Duration +30% Passive Increases lightbringer duration by 30%.
MP Recovery from Normal Attacks +10% Passive Increases MP recovery from normal attacks by 10%.
Jump Master Passive Hold the ability button to increase distance mvoed and attack power at the cost of more MP.
Stamina +2 Passive Increases Stamina by 2. Effective for both battle sets.
Physical Damage Dealt +5% Passive Increases physical damage dealt by 5%.
Strength +4 Passive Increases Strength by 4. Effective for both battle sets.
Action Ability MP Cost -10% Passive Decreases MP cost for action abilityes by 10%.


Dragoon All Equipment

Equipment that the Dragoon class can equip are indicated here:

  • Armor 1
  • Armor 2
  • Weapon 1
  • Weapon 2


Dragoon Notes & Trivia

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