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Race Human
Gender Male
Character Type Playable Character
VA (English) Mocean Melvin
VA (Japanese) Kenjiro Tsuda

Jack in Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is a playable character and main protagonist of the game. In Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin, players take control of Jack and are accompanied by two companions known of either as AshJed, Sophia, or Neon. Neon supports Jack in combat where he can inflict damage and provide support.


I only know one thing: I want to kill Chaos. I need to. It's not a hope or a dream. It's like a hunger. A thirst.


Jack Information

  • Base HP: TBC
  • Base Job: Swordman
  • Race: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Character Type: Playable Character


About Jack

Jack is the main protagonist and playable character of the game. He is the featured playable character in the Demo (Trial). Jack is capable of wielding different types of Weapons, allowing him to swap between Jobs on the fly to quickly adapt towards the encountered combat. Jack is also capable of executing combos and a unique Lightbringer skill that allows him to enter into a frenzied state which empowers his attacks and strengthens his defenses.

Official Description

Strongly believes that defeating Chaos is his duty. Shows no hesitation about killing any monsters that stand in his way, cutting them down without mercy.


Jack Gameplay

  • Switch between two selected Jobs as you fight. Each job can equip different Weapons and has its own unique attack style. Classic FINAL FANTASY series abilities appear alongside original weapon abilities. Characters' appearance will also change to reflect their equipped armor.
  • Use a soul burst to strike a finishing blow after depleting an enemy's break gauge. Turn enemies to crystal, and restore a small amount of Jack's MP by shattering them.
  • Sacrifice MP to temporarily strengthen Jack, knocking enemies back upon use and making it easier to break enemies.
  • Face powerful monsters obstructing your path - fierce enough to be bosses encounters in their own right.


Jack Combat

  • Your break gauge is reduced when you are attacked and recovers gradually over time. Recovery speed slows while attacking or evading and stops guarding. Attacks from behind are considered critical htis and greatly deplete the break gauge.
  • Break enemies by depleting the yellow gauge above their heads. Approach broken enemies and press Circle to finish them off with a soul burst. Slaying enemies with a soul burst will help you recover your MP and raise your max MP. Effective use of soul bursts will ensure your action abilities are ready when you need them.
  • Use Abilities with knockback to bounce Enemies against walls and cause increased break damage.
  • Defend against an enemy attack right before the hit lands to parr, reducing the amount of break damage you receive and shortening the time it takes until you can perform your next action.


Jack Notes & Tips

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  • Other Notes, Tips, & Trivia



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