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Race Human
Gender Male
Character Type Companion
VA (English) Alejandro Saab
VA (Japanese) Yusuke Suda

Jed in Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is a companion character of the game. In Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin, players take control of Jack and are accompanied by two companions known of either as Ash, Sophia, or Neon. Neon supports Jack in combat where he can inflict damage and provide support.


You're gonna make us go in there and find you?!?


Jed Information

  • Base HP: TBC
  • Base Job: Duelist
  • Race: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Character Type: Companion
  • Secondary Job: Thief


About Jed

Jed is an ally of Jack and accompanies him in exploration and combat. In the Demo (Trial), Jed is featured as a companion character. In combat, Jed moves fast and is nimble when it comes to his actions and reflexes. He wields a pair of dual blades that works in close combat and is similar to the likeness of the Thief job in the original Final Fantasy game. Although he lacks in defense, Jed is able to quickly apply pressure and finish off foes with his agile moves and attacks.

Official Description

A kind and cheerful soul, and Ash’s equal in strength. Respects Jack deeply and idolizes his power.


Jed Gameplay

  • Information to be added soon.


Jed Combat

  • Information to be added soon.


Jed Notes & Tips

  • ???
  • Other Notes, Tips, & Trivia



Stranger of Paradise Characters
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