Lore in Stranger of Paradise is the backstory, and the main story line related to the game. The lore in this game presents the premise of the story where which the whole game takes place. This illustrates the timeline, setting, characters and how they came to be s part of the Final Fantasy story. 


Stranger of Paradise Lore

With the memory of their struggle buried deep in their hearts...
Fight your way through fierce battles with a variety of means to defeat your enemies. With multiple difficulty options and a wide selection of jobs and weapons available to customize your party, you can choose exactly how you want to play.
Will restoring the crystals' light usher in peace or a new form of darkness? ...Or perhaps something else entirely?



The game revolves around the protagonist, Jack, a warrior of light, and his companions Jed and Ash in the familiar Final Fantasy setting. As dark chaos spreads through the world and corruption spreading, they search for the answers that may have causes the corruption and look for a way to stop it. 

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