Maces in Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is a Weapon Category and is a piece of equipment that is used to inflict damage against hostile characters such as Enemies and Bosses. Weapons are usually categorized into different types that suits the playable Character of the game, and each weapon resonates or can only be used by certain Jobs (Classes), as well as possesses its own stats, bonuses, and effects. Maces are strike weapons that specialize in dealng break damage, it is a light weapon that requires the use of one hand, which can be paired up with a Shield. Attacks with maces are quicker than attacks with greatsowrds, making maces the versatile weapon for both attack and defense. The Mage and Black Mage Jobs (Classes) are required to use this weapon. This page will indicate a list of all the Mace Weapons that are featured in Stranger of Paradise.

Stranger of Paradise: Gameplay Expressions


Weapons in Stranger of Paradise

Equip weapons and armor from the Battle Settings Menu. Changing equipment affects various stats and players can automatically equip the most optimal combination of weapons and armor with a press of a button. Every piece of equipment has a level that determines its stats and the strength of its effects. Deck yourself out in high-level equipment to gain an edge in battle.


Stranger of Paradise All Maces

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