Magic in Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin are the various magical abilities or spells that are casted by both the characters and enemies of the game. In Stranger of Paradise, certain Jobs (Classes) are required in order to cast these spells, and just like any game within the Final Fantasy franchise, cetain enemies can also cast magic and these spells have different properties and causes various effects. This page covers information regarding Magic in Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin.

Stranger of Paradise: Gameplay Expressions



How does Magic Work?

Jobs (Classes) such as the Mage can cast magic, specifically Black Magic I by holding down a certain button/key. Up to 2 MP gauges will gradually recover while casting spells. Upon casting, the player can switch spells with the press of a button and holding it down increases the tier of the spell (from Fire > Fira > Firaga) without expending any extra MP.

Attributes & Weaknesses

Each attack has individual attributes - physical attacks have the slash, pierce, or strike attributes, while magic aatakcs have the Fire, Ice, Lightning, Earth, Water, or Wind attributes. Some enemies are weak to certain attributes and take greatly increased HP and break damage from attacks sharing that attribute.


Stranger of Paradise Magic

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