To-Do List for Stranger of Paradise Wiki is a list of missing pages or pages that needs more work and content. Miss a page or feature? Then list it in the Needed Pages section below.


Wiki to-do list

 Wiki Revamp

  • Overhaul most of the pages due referencing mechanics or concepts that may not exist, need to be reformatted, or updated (e.g. Merchants, level 1 equipment, enemies, enemy move action list, etc.)
  • Update the (Enemies) Bestiary with enemy weaknesses and missions found.
  • Remove content that is not relevant to the game, e.g. Merchants (find whomever has Wiki editing permissions to do this).
  • Re-link several of the pages to avoid independent pages that have different info (e.g. Job vs. Jobs page).
  • Increase the font size.
  • Increase the font contrast for both Dark Mode and Light Mode.
  • Incorporate the job icons onto the website.
  • Expand the Equipment Section.
  • Update the Guides, particularly the Builds to offer players some general ideas - but defer those players to search on YouTube for the game-breaking builds and how to play those.

Needed Pages

  • Add Affinities with tables up to 400% (I just want to link that GoogleSheet floating around).
  • Add Mastery Points with categories and values up to 10 point investment.
  • Add Job Pages for all Basic, Advanced, and Expert Jobs with prerequisite, gear available, job tree unlocks, and affinity.
  • Add the Fool's Missives and the Reports to the Lore section, ideally with their locations with mission names and screenshots of the location.

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