In Stranger of Paradise, jobs are featured as the different specializations the main protagonist, Jack, can choose to activate battle sets that consists of stats, weapons, armor, job affinities, and abilities at any given time. Jobs can be unlocked by leveling up the current job tree or upon acquiring weapons that are tied to a certain job. Jobs are categorized into three groups, basic, advanced, and expert. Basic jobs are, by default, the primary classes of the game, and as the job trees of a basic job upgrades, advanced jobs can be acquired, which offers more choices, stronger abilities, and upgrades. This page covers a list of all the jobs featured in Stranger of Paradise.

Jobs in Stranger of Paradise

Players are rewarded job points for defeating enemies, and these job points are used to unlock abilities found in the job tree. Job points can only be obtained by the equipped classes while defeating foes.


Find the job you want in the upper left of the battle settings screen, then press X to select that job. Changing your job will also change your stats, actions, and usable equipment.


Advanced and expert jobs can use more specialized job abilities and a wider array of weaponry. In order to unlock advanced and expert jobs, the respective mastery mentioned in the description of each job must be acquired per job. For example: To unlock Dark Knight, each job tree for Black Mage, Warrior, and Berserker all have a mastery to unlock Dark Knight, and all three must be activated to finally unlock the Dark Knight expert job.


Each job can be further specialized into sub-classes, and acquire a bonus to their specific job actions.


Basic Jobs

Note: Basic jobs have significantly lower HP and stats than advanced and expert jobs until post-game.



Swordfighters use shields and swords as an easy-to-use slashing weapon with swift normal attacks and evasive weapon skills useful in a variety of situations. Swordfighters can also use the Interception job action, which nullifies damage and auto-counter an enemy on a successful guard against a blockable attack. The buff is consumed on use and requires a subsequent cast; thus, it is recommended to use Swordfighter as the primary job and pair it with a support job.


Swordsmen wield great swords, adept at charging attacks and guarding. Swordsman can also use the Spinning Slash job action to continuously slash and deal damage to nearby enemies.


Ronin wield katanas to perform a series of slashing attacks and have access to the Iai-Giri job action to deal heavy break damage in a single strike when unleashed. Iai-Giri can be charged up three stages to further increase this technique's power.



Pugilists uses fist weapons to deal strike damage to opponents quickly and land hits to increase the wearer's boost level, allowing them to deal even greater damage and break damage. Pugilists can also use the Explosive Fist job action to advance toward their opponent while dealing a heavy hit.


Lancers wield lances that serve as piercing weapons with long reach with the versatility to perform slashing and striking attacks. Lancers can use and charge up their Lance Hurl job action to skewer foes from a distance.


Mages wield maces with a shield and can use the Magic job action to cast several spells such as Fire, Stone, Aero, and Water. Mages can continue to maintain the cast to unleash stronger tiers of spells such as Firaga, Stonega, Aeroga, and Waterga.



Duelists wield daggers ideal for slipping behind foes and dealing critical hits quickly to deplete a foe's break gauge with swift slashing attacks. Duelists also gain access to the Weak Spot job action to inflict a critical slashing blow regardless of their foe's position.


Marauders wield axes with steady, charged attacks and resist being staggered during their attacks. Marauders can use the Upheaval job action deliver a single potent strike that debuffs the enemy's damage dealt and like other axe abilities, can charge it to increase its strength.


Pilgrims are a basic job made available by the DLC Trials of the Dragon King. They use staves and can draw opponents closer to them by holding the attack button, or they can bring themselves deeper into the fray by holding the ability button.



Marksmen are a basic job made available by the DLC Different Future. They wield firearms and can enter a sniping stance to maintain the distant offensive while other party members take to the fore.






 Advanced Jobs


Warriors use the War Cry job action that releases a fierce roar that staggers nearby enemies and gradually recover HP over a set amount of time. This advanced job can be unlocked via the Swordsman and Ronin job trees.


Knights can use the Blessing of Light job action to trigger a shockwave of light that damages enemies upon a successful guard. This advanced job can be unlocked via the Swordfighter and Swordsman job trees.


Berserkers have access to the Berserk job ability to greatly increase attack power and ability to stagger enemies, but lose the ability to use potions for the duration. This advanced job can be unlocked via the Swordsman and Marauder job trees.


Thieves can rush ahead and use the Steal job action to steal an enemy's instant ability. The abilities that can be stolen vary by enemy. This advanced job can be unlocked via the Duelist and Pugilist job trees.


Monks can charge the Focus job action to consume MP to gradually recover HP, refill your break gauge, and boost break damage for a duration. This advanced job can be unlocked via the Pugilist and Lancer job trees.

White Mage

White Mages can access the White Magic job action to cast spells to heal, aid others on field, and deal holy damage. White Mages can also cast the powerful Raise spell to revive fallen allies. This advanced job can be unlocked via the Mage job tree.

Black Mage

Black Mages can access the Black Magic job action to cast a wide variety of powerful, high-tier elemental attack spells along with the fearsome Flare and Meteor spells. This advanced job can be unlocked via the Mage job tree.

Red Mage

Red Mages are versatile magic users who wield certain black and white magic spells via the Chainspell job action. Chainspell allows the red mages to unleash spells in quick succession. This advanced job can be unlocked via the Swordfighter and Mage job trees.


Dragoons can use the Jump job action to leap high into the air and avoid enemy attacks. After a certain amount of time, they will descend and deal damage. This advanced job can be unlocked via the Lancer and Marauder job trees.


Samurai can use the Meikyo-Shisui job action to greatly increase MP recovered from normal attacks and also restore MP when parrying. However, sustaining damage will cancel Meikyo-Shisui. This advanced job can be unlocked via the Ronin job tree.


Evokers can summon a spirit to assist them in battle. The command menu is replaced by a set of four unique command abilities when equipped with the evoker class on field, from which the spirit can be ordered to deal damage, summon a vortex to group foes together, heal, or even interrupt.


Hunters gain the ability to increase their physical prowess through the use of their job action, which can penetrate resistances and accumulate stacks for even further devastation.

Expert Jobs

Dark Knight

Dark Knights can access the Souleater job action to consume their own HP to enhance their attacks with additional dark damage. This expert job can be unlocked via the Black Mage, Warrior, and Berserker job trees.


Paladins can access the Holy Fang job action to recover HP with each attack they land and deal additional holy damage when at max HP. This expert job can be unlocked via the White Mage and Knight job trees.


Ninjas can access the Ninjutsu job action to consume ninja tools instead of MP to perform elemental ninjutsu, an evasive buff, imbue their weapon with paralysis, and throw shurikens to distract foes. This expert job can be unlocked via the Samurai and Thief job trees.


Assassins can perform the Assassinate job action to generate marks on the enemy with each critical hit, then deliver a series of attacks based on the number of marks placed. This expert job can be unlocked via the Monk and Thief job trees.


Liberators gain access to the Mighty Guard job action, a defensive aura that enhances nearby allies with Regen, Protect, and Shell. This expert job can be unlocked via the Warrior and Dragoon job trees.


Breakers gain access to the Zantetsuken job action, summoning a powerful blade that deals devastating damage to enemies, soul bursts any enemy that reaches 0 HP or is broken, and regains MP for each enemy soul burst. This expert job can be unlocked via the Dragoon, Samurai, and Berserker job trees.

Void Knight

Void Knights gain access to the Runic job action, creating an arcane circle to absorb magic damage to convert damage absorbed into MP or unleash it into a slash attack that dispels the enemy's buffs. This expert job can be unlocked via the Knight and Red Mage job trees.


Tyrants gain access to the Enchant job action to imbue their weapons with any element of their choosing and exploit vulnerable enemies. This expert job can be unlocked via the Monk and Red Mage job trees.


Sages can use the Magic Sigil job action to cast white magic or black magic. Sages gain sigils for the corresponding color of magic that enhances their casting speed for that magic type and prepare the Ultima spell to clear the battlefield. This expert job can be unlocked via the White Mage and Black Mage job trees.


To unlock summoners, the main story must first be cleared on any difficulty, and then to the end of the chaos difficulty. Afterwards, it is possible to enter the Dragon's Cave and challenge Bahamut, whose victory spoils includes the summoner job.

Summoners are able to transform themselves into Bahamut for a period of time at the cost of gradually lowering their max MP. It is possible to delay the rate of decay by using the command ability Boost Magic to remain as Bahamut for as long as possible.


Gamblers can use the job action roulette, which uses two abilities chosen at random. Higher luck decreases the chance of a dud, thus temporarily disabling the roulette. Jobs with higher affinities are more likely to be chosen.

Cyclic Warrior

 Cyclic Warriors use the soul of chaos job action to channel one of four devastating elemental attacks of inferno, tsunami, earthquake, or whirlwind. This expert job can be unlocked via clearing the main game.



Blue Mage

Blue Mages are made available by the DLC Wanderer of the Rift. The sixth floor Null Void must be cleared to unlock this job.

Blue Mages focuses on the use of instant abilities, whether gained in combat, or through the use of accessories. These instant abilities aren't consumed when cast with MP. It is possible to expend more MP to enhance instant abilities—whether captured or from equipment.





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