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Specialization Melee, Defense
Advanced Job Berserker

Swordsman is one of the Jobs (Classes) in Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin. Classes provide an archetype for the player which provides abilities and stats that are related to the job. Each job specializes in a combat style, uses different starting equipment, and gain access to special job abilities that make them more effective in combat.



Swordsman Information

The Swordsman job can perform a spinning slash that swings the wielder's sword around and dealing damage to surrounding enemies. Swordsmen wield Greatswords.


Swordsman All Abilities

Name Type Description
Spinning Slash Job Action [Attack Type: Slash]
[Stat Bonus: Stamina]
A spinning slash-type attack. Hold [Job Action button] to continue spinning and gradually pick up speed. Switch to a charged attack by piercing [Attack button], or an enhanced guard by pressing [Block button].

[Any Link]
Can be set to any link ability slot.
 All Damage -1.7% Passive  Decreases damage taken.
Swordsman Affinity +15%  Passive  Increases swordsman job affinity.
Swordsman Affinity +10%  Passive  Increases swordsman job affinity. 
Onslaught   Combo Greatsword Combo
[Attack Type: Slash/Strike]
[Stat Bonus: Stamina]
Lunge forward, then slash and strike foes with successive attacks.

[Link 1 Ability] 
Warrior's Ward   Combo Ability Effects [Weapon Type: Greatsword]
[Charged Attack Link]

Enhances abilities set to Hold [Attack button] > [Weapon Ability button].

Decreases damage taken while the ability is active.
 Piercing Thrust  Combo Greatsword Combo
[Attack Type: Pierce]
[Stat Bonus: Agility]
Unleash a piercing attack that deals heavy break damage to enemies.

[Link 2 Ability]
Guard Break Gauge Depletion -4.8%  Passive  Decreases break damage taken with a successful guard.
Slash Damage +2.9%  Passive  Increases slash damage dealt.
Knight  Job Unlock  Partial unlock for Knight. Requires Swordfighter's Knight unlock to complete.
Guard Break Gauge Depletion -4.8%   Passive Decreases break damage taken with a successful guard.
Spinning Slash Mastery  Passive Decreases MP consumption when using Spinning Slash in succession.
Swordsman Affinity +25%  Passive  Increases swordsman job affinity.
Warrior   Job Unlock Partial unlock for Warrior. Requires Ronin's Warrior unlock to complete.
Reinforce Command Temporarily decreases the amount of time required to charge certain attacks and the likelihood of being staggered.
Note: The charge time reduction affects other job actions such as Lancer's Lance Hurl, Monk's Focus, and casting spells.
Ever Stronger Combo Ability Effects 

[Weapon Type: Greatsword]
[Enhanced Guard Attack Link]

Enhances ability set to Hold [Attack button] > [Block button] > [Attack button] > [Weapon Ability button].

Increases physical damage dealt.

All Damage -5.5% Passive Decreases damage taken.
Highbringer  Combo Greatsword Combo
[Attack Type: Slash]
[Stat Bonus: Strength]
Deal great damage with multiple slashes that send enemies flying.

[Link 3 Ability]
Slash Damage +3.3% Passive Increases slash damage dealt.
Berserker Job Unlock Partial unlock for Red Mage. Requires Marauder's Berserker unlock to complete.


Swordsman All Equipment

Equipment that the Swordsman class can equip are indicated here:

  • Greatsword


Swordsman Notes & Trivia

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  • Notes and Trivia go here



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