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Race Human
Gender Female
Character Type Companion
VA (English) Laura Post
VA (Japanese) __jpvoice__

Sophia in Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is a companion character of the game. In Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin, players take control of Jack and are accompanied by two companions known of either as Ash, Jed, or Neon. Sophia supports Jack in combat where he can inflict damage and provide support.


I am sure I have been here before. Many times.


Sophia Information

  • Base HP: TBC
  • Base Job: Mage
  • Race: Human
  • Gender: Female
  • Character Type: Companion


About Sophia

A warrior who joins Jack and the others on their journey, holding the same unwavering conviction – that they must defeat Chaos.


Sophia Gameplay

  • Information to be added soon.


Sophia Combat

  • Information to be added soon.


Sophia Notes & Tips

  • ???
  • Other Notes, Tips, & Trivia



Stranger of Paradise Characters
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